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PULSE Dashboard software - Purchase Order Generator overview

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Exact Macola 10 Overview Brochure

PULSE Dashboard

We developed Pulse Dashboard to add specialized capabilities to Exact Macola, bringing realtime, on-screen data and instant custom reports.

PULSE Archive

Do you wish your Macola ran faster? Speed up your Macola processing by automatically moving seldom-used data into a separate database.

PULSE POS Analytics

PULSE Lockbox

Import lockbox customer receipts directly into Macola ES or Progression and eliminate manual keying. Our dashboard allows you to see that each receipt was properly matched to your open accounts receivable file before posting.

PULSE eCommerce

This utility allows Macola users to import and automatically create customer orders from their external web site, text file, Excel spreadsheet or web-based EDI service.

PULSE Security

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Exact Synergy